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Matt Cover CNS "A plan to reduce preventable hospital readmissions is included in all of the health care bills before Congress and would impose a fee on hospitals that readmit seniors for certain conditions, and raise costs on hospitals an estimated $19 billion over 10 years,"

Melissa Henson Director of Communications for the Parents Television Council
" Less than a month ago, convicted child-rapist Roman Polanski was apprehended His peers in the entertainment industry were quick to leap to his defense. Some even went so far as to claim that 13 in Hollywood isn’t really 13. In light of this revelation, reports that an upcoming episode of the CW’s Gossip Girl – which is set in high school – will feature major characters in a threesome After all, in Hollywood it would seem, a high-schooler isn’t really a high-schooler.

Dr Nadir Atash Author: Turbulence -The Tumultuous Journey of One Man's Quest for Change in Afghanistan."What went wrong in Afghanistan?"

Carl Braun Analyst for the Homeland Security Policy Institute Group and the Immigration policy Examiner for " American youth recruited by Mexican Drug Cartel" Carl is also the author of 5 books and was one of the founding members of the minuteman Civil Defense Corps of Ca.

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