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Nicholas Ballasy CNS News Video Reporter
Soros Says Cheney's Role in Interrogation Techniques Should Be Examined

Kevin "Coach"Collins - "Blood of our Future"
Since the seventh century, the Islamist movement has aimed to convert the world to Islam or enslave those who resist their religious practice. The Islamists goal is a painful death for anyone who resists them. They want to end the world with a nuclear war that will kill every person on earth and bring about Judgment Day at the same moment. In their demented view, they will be saved and infidels will be condemned to hell. In this plan, every American is a target for death whether they had knowledge it or not. Only two countries (America and her strongest ally, Israel) stand in the way of the Islamist s dreams of ending the free and democratic world. In a top secret joint operation, America s President and Israel s Prime Minister plan to crush the Islamist before they can attack the free world. They develop a first-strike, all-out-war plan to trick the terrorist enemies out of the jihad war they want to fight and into a war that America can t and won t lose. Operation Sucker Punch, the code name for America s action, is the kind of ruthless, swift and hard hitting attack every American who loves his/her country has been anxiously awaiting. It is filled with examples of American courage and ingenuity that have made America the world s leading Super Power. In the pages of BLOOD FOR OUR FUTURE, we finally see an American President who is willing to unleash the full, awesome power of our military might. This is a story of America that will be deeply satisfying to anyone who loves our country and wants to fight to keep it free.

Paul Cicio President "Industrial Energy Consumers of America"
IECA is a 501 (C) (6) nonprofit member-led organization created to promote the interests of manufacturing companies for which the availability, use and cost of energy, power or feedstock play a significant role in their ability to compete in domestic and world markets.IECA was founded on the belief that a robust, diverse and affordable supply of energy is required to sustain economic growth, quality of life for our citizens, and the competitiveness of industry

Dr. James Ehrlick - Boston University School of Medicine
"It is easier to Prevent Disease than to Cure it"

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